How To Build Muscle 
Lose Fat Effectively

Take a look at some of the best methods out there for losing belly fat.

Building muscle and losing fat at the same time is possible, and tends to go hand in hand, but it requires one to have commitment and disciple in certain areas. However, for some people it is a tricky issue and it all goes into what is in their diet and how they exercise. Ways in which you can build muscle and at the same time lose fat include:

When training, there is the damage to the cells in the muscle fibers and this signals the body to increase protein synthesis so that the muscles can be repaired. The body adds more cells to the muscle fibers, hence the muscles become stronger and bigger. However, the body needs to synthesize more proteins than it loses or breaks down in a process called protein degradation, so as to gain muscle. This is why it is recommended to take high protein foods after working out and a protein shake as you work out. 

Normally, to lose fat you need to give the body less calories than it can burn, but if you need to build muscle, you need to take in more food or calories. The principle behind this is to eat more when you are training and less when you are resting so that you have enough for energy utilization and recovery. If you don’t have enough calories, then the body will take the energy stored in the muscles which will deplete them of their strength and affects metabolism.

Although carbs are important in the muscle building process, they can be stored as body fat so it is important to take care of the amount of carbs you eat. When you eat carbs after training, it raises the insulin hormone that favors the rebuilding of muscle mass and stabilizes testosterone levels. Steer clear of eating a lot of carbs on your rest days as it may be stored as body fat because you are not burning as many calories, this tends to keep insulin at bay hence no carbs will be directed to the fat tissues.

Do exercises that will help build muscles and less of those that burn fat, such as cardio, because when you build muscles you will be burning fat even after you are done with exercising. Strength training will help increase flexibility, strength, and muscle endurance hence build more muscle and burn more fat.

Add High intensity training and heavy compound weight lifting to a routine and these will help build muscle and gain strength. Doing exercises for a short period of about 45 minutes each day will help burn more fat and preserve muscle mass and strength much better than long workout and of low intensity. Train for 4-5 days a week and let the body rest the other days.

Sleep is an important factor to build muscle and lose fat as this is when the growth hormone and testosterone are released in an adequate amount hence affecting muscle mass. Lack of sleep increases fatigue levels, if fatigued you will not be able to train or maybe even eat right.