How To Make A Bodyweight Workout Plan

Bodyweight exercises are overlooked when one is creating a workout program just because they are seen as simple exercises or they are seen as not being effective enough. Bodyweight exercises are exercises where you use your own body weight against gravity and they can be very effective when done properly. These types of exercises are important for strength training, building muscles, and burning fat, so you can make a bodyweight workout plan without any other type of exercises needed. Your overall body weight is what enables you to be able to perform other exercises and at a high intensity for a longer period. It is important to have a bodyweight workout plan so that it helps guide you in training and that in turn will help build muscle, lose fat, and get you into shape.

Some of the essential things to consider when making a bodyweight workout plan include:

· Schedule to train at least 4-5 days a week and make sure that you vary your exercises each day and they should focus on strength training and cardiovascular training. You need to rest your body so that it can recover, the two or three off days should be spent relaxing. Make sure that your workouts are at least 45 minutes each day. Try and not miss any workout sessions!

· When making a bodyweight workout plan make sure that you are familiar with the basic and essential movements such as lunges, pushups, pull-ups, squats, and plank and row variation. You should also be able to jump, sprint, climb, crawls and do other compound movements that work on multiple muscle groups.

· As you make your workout plan start with exercises that are simple to build more strength and move to more progressed movement with time to build resilience and endurance. Making it more advanced and increasing the speed ensures it is a great way to enhance your training. The faster your movements are, the better you become.

Below is an example of a bodyweight workout plan:

You can do 6-10 exercise variations.

· Day one: squats, bodyweight rows, pushups, hip thrust, dead hang and superman pose.

· Day two: planks, pull ups, bench dips, step ups and lunges.

Each variation should be done in 15 reps and in three sets with only thirty seconds break between each set. These can also be repeated on alternate days. 

​ You can also choose to have a bodybuilding style routine where you focus on specific body movements or parts on a particular day. For example:

· Day one: upper body

· Day two: core

· Day three: lower body

· Day four: chest, shoulders and back.

 For the above, you can choose various exercises, but make sure that you do a number of reps and sets too.

Record your exercises each day and at the end of the week check on your progress, if you are doing well then it is time you increased the intensity. You can stick to this workout plan for as long as six months but the question should not be for how long you have to do this, but rather how long you can do this while still making progress.

If you are not interested in making your own plan check out our FREE Extreme Body Weight Challenge for more exercises!