Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat?

Take a look at some of the best exercises out there for losing belly fat.

Running or Walking

Running and walking are among the best exercises that help you burn fat resulting in a decreased body fat percentage. Not only do they aid in shedding fat around your waist but also in other areas of your body. They are the two most cost-effective exercises since the only tool you need is your shoes compared to other exercises which require gym equipment or memberships. While running, ensure you swing your arms and while walking focus on contracting your mid part of your body. To achieve greater results, walk for at least 45 minutes daily and don't forget to drink enough water.


Cycling can be both a fun activity and at the same a form of exercise. It works your most vital muscles around your abdomen making you lose the stubborn belly fat. After engaging in cardio, it would be best to take a ride with your bike. This will help you strengthen your abdominal and other core muscles. Intensity and speed of cycling are the determining factors for varying results. If your intensity and speed is high, you have a higher chance of burning more fat.

Reverse Crunch

Surprisingly, you may have done it before, but probably you didn't recognize that it a was a super exercise for your belly. Just a reminder, you were lying flat on the floor with arms at the side, then your feet were crossed as you lifted them off the floor. Now raise your knees to create a right angle with the floor. I hope that helps you to remember. It works great for those targeting belly fat.


A 2012 study has shown that women who did yoga exercises for about four months reported excellent reductions in belly fat. Also, yoga helps you relax your mind and helps you meditate. Simple breathing can help you reduce visceral fat. What? How does this work? Proper breathing techniques helps in lowering stress hormone levels that are primarily associated with belly fat.

​Weight Training

Weight training is one of the most incredible workouts for losing that pesky belly fat. Not only does it assist in burning fat but also improves your body metabolism as well as strengthening your muscles. Weight training accomplishes this buy simply adding muscle mass to your body. The more muscle you have the greater the amount of energy required to fuel them resulting in the metabolism increase

Cardiovascular Exercise

Another way to have a flat belly is to engage in cardiovascular exercises such as aerobics, swimming, and sports which are of high activity such as basketball and tennis. Mainly, any forms of activity that give your heart rate a training zone and keeps it beating assist your body to burn fat. When the fat level decreases, you will appear more toned and less flabby especially around your stomach area.