Belly Fat Burner

A Look At Common Belly Fat Burners

The secret to a flat belly is no longer a secret anymore. With a proper diet and exercises, you are going to succeed shedding that extra irritating fat around your waist. Let's take a look at the common belly fat burner exercises out there that will help you burn fat around your waist.


Dozens of men and women rely on crunches to get flat, toned stomach. However, crunching is not the most efficient workout for burning fat around the stomach. This is because they only focus on the front muscles of your abdomen whereas it's essential to target the muscles around your entire abdomen. This workout is rated one of the effective at being a belly fat burner since it burns more fat and engages more muscles.

Workout from Pushup Position

It involves full-body movement that entails using the arms and legs while incorporating resistance to strengthen your entire core. Begin in a pushup position with hands few inches wider than your shoulders. Then walk hands out as far as possible and walk back. You should do around 12 reps.


You certainly don't need specialized workout classes and equipment when you can run. Running is just one of those exercises that you can do anywhere, you only need to go outside. An average runner can burn up to 500 calories per hour. The faster you run the more it increases the intensity of this exercise, hence more fat will be burned. Going out in the heat helps you burn fat even the more.


Weight training is sometimes boring, but adding spinning makes things a little bit more interesting especially if you are working hard to surpass your fellow riders. Cycling is an enjoyable workout that you are likely to stick to long term. This exercise comes in handy because losing belly fat is a marathon, not a sprint.

Now let take a look at the foods that will help your belly shrink.


Broccoli is one of the most important veggies if you are seeking to melt away fat. It is high in fiber and low in calories hence keeping you full and stopping any unnecessary, craving-driven eating later. It's an excellent source of calcium, vitamin C and iron, which increases immunity and support healthy bones.

Green Tea

Think of this beverage as your fat-melting cocktail. Green tea will boost your fat burn efforts because of its rich in antioxidants and low in calories. Research has shown that green tea contains catechins, which improves your body metabolism and encourage the breakdown of fat cells, more particularly belly fat.


A 2009 Japanese study has shown that obese people who consume a tablespoon of vinegar daily for about eight weeks show decreases in belly fat. This is mainly because the acetic acid in vinegar produces proteins that burn up fat.